The staff of the department

Idashkina Natalia

Head of Department. Candidate of Medical Sciences . PhD. Docent. Higher medical category. 73 publications. Theme of dissertation: "Improving the treatment of fractures of the mandible new dental wire bus"

Hudar'yan Alexander

MD, Ph.D., professor. Higher medical category. 102 publications. Theses: PhD - "Improved methods of diagnosis and treatment generalized catarrhal gingivitis complicated tonzilyarnoyu infection." MD - "Justification differentiated treatment of generalized parodontitis in diabetes type 2"

Komok Alexey

PhD, associate professor. Higher medical category. 57 publications. Responsible for the educational process at the department. PhD thesis: “Optimization of osteosynthesis of the mandible extramedullary miniplates”

Chernov Dmitry

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry. PhD, associate professor. Higher medical category. 60 publications. Responsible for the implementation of the Bologna process at the department. PhD thesis: "Restoration of chewing function after surgical treatment of diseases associated with an inflammatory contracture of masticatory muscles"

Samoilenko Igor

PhD, assistant. 12 publications.

Shandyba Sergey

PhD, assistant. 20 publications.

Majdi Alyakbar

PhD, Assistant. Higher medical category. 27 publications.

Yunkin Jaroslav

PhD, Assistant. . The first medical category, 18 publications. Responsible for civil defense department.

Shyrinkin Sergey

PhD, Assistant. Higher medical category, 29 publications.

Nehanevich Jeanne

Assistant, 22 publications.

Kucherenko Taras

Assistant, 13 publications.

Dorogina Alexandra

Assistant, 11 publications.

Lazarenko Andrew

Senior laboratory assistant.

Biyeva Alexandra

Laboratory assistant.

Kadymova Valentine

Born in 1954 Laboratory assistant.

Natalia Oleinik

Laboratory assistant.

Шматко Марія Олександрівна

Медична сестра